Enjoy Shenyang

Shenyang lies on a plain in the middle of Liaoning Province, south of Northeast China. It enjoys semi-humid continental climate, the tourist season is between April and October.

Being an important political and cultural centre, vital transportation junction, Shenyang is also known for heavy industries. The city is also distinguished by its multi-ethnicity; besides the Hans, it is inhabited by over 30 other ethnic groups. The urban population is closed to 5 millions.

Shenyang is famous for its scenic spots, especially the places of historical interest, among them:
  • Imperial Palace, which is a complex similar to the Forbidden City in Beijing,
  • East Tomb and North Tomb,
  • Huishan Scenic Spot,
  • Mansion of General Zhang,
  • Summer Palace,
  • West Lake of Xinmin,
  • relics of Xinle - the 7-thousand-year-old aboriginal matriarchat
  • Shenyang Botanic Garden,
  • Meteorite Mountain Park, with probably the oldest meteorite in the world that weigth 2,000,000 tons.

Currency: Chinese renminbi, also known as Yuan (CNY).
Time zone: UTC (GMT)+8.
Driving: on the right side of the road. 
Electricity: 220-240V/50Hz.
Weather: Semi-humid continental climate influenced by monsoons. Four distinctive seasons. The average annual temperature is 8 C. During summer the temperature can reach 36C. The best time to visit Shenyang is April to October. 

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